Homemade Ice Cream and Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cones!

Starky’s Bakery has been in high gear producing great flavors of hand churned ice cream for the summer patio season.  Hannah, Breanne, and  Austin are serving up hand pressed waffle cups and cones dipped in dark chocolate filled with amazing flavors such as “Chunky Monkey”, “Fresh Cherry & Chocolate Chunk”, “Tropical Mango”, “Fresh Berry” and of course, our “Real Vanilla Bean Vanilla”.  Every day these talented local bakers assemble an”Ice Cream Cake of the Day” with fudgy brownie layers and it’s flying off our New Summer Menu.   We can custom create an ice cream cake for you for birthdays or parties with a few days notice.  After a great day of hiking, biking, or floating, nothing feels better than hanging out on Bozeman’s Best Outdoor Patio, enjoying a great summer dinner, and ending with our amazing desserts!