Holiday Beer Tasting & Social @Starky’s

Join us Thursday, December 14, 2016 for a fun night of Craft Beer, Artisan Snacks and Craft Beer Knowledge! Holiday Beer Social @Starky’s Arrive with friends or your date at 6pm, Thursday Dec 14 6 Craft Beers of “Best in Category” sampling 6 courses... read more

Starky’s Lazy Sunday Apple Butter Recipe

There is nothing quite like picking apples from your own apple tree.  We giggle as we hang on a rickety ladder surrounded by delightfully perfect red orbs    Rational thought tells you not to extend beyond your reach, but that one unattainable apple beckons from a... read more

Challah Bread Stuffing for your Thanksgiving Feast!

From our Family Recipe Book to yours:  Our Famous Starky Challah Bread Stuffing for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is kind of a huge deal in our house.  We’ve been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for so many years and although new dishes might make an occasional... read more

Cinnamon Scones from the Test Kitchen

This week the Starky’s Test Kitchen is bringing you a little sweet breakfast treat to surprise your Valentine! We make scones often at Starky’s and they are buttery, light, and super flavorful. Usually we follow the same simple recipe and just play around with... read more

Boozy Cranberry Conserve Recipe

We’re sharing a great recipe with you this week that is not from the Starky Test Kitchen; it’s an old family recipe that has been made for many years in our own kitchen at home.  I suppose most Americans consume cranberry sauce about once a year as an obligatory... read more

Apple Cider Vinaigrette Recipe

Art’s Apple Cider Vinaigrette You should know that Art won the “Vinaigrette-off” contest in the test kitchen. His version was perfectly thick, tart, sweet, tangy and made everyone who dipped in a spoon say “yummmmmm”! 1 small apple, peeled, seeded and coarsely chopped... read more

Eggplant Caponata Recipe from the Test Kitchen

The Starky Test Kitchen is looking to “lighten up” our cooking this week.  This does not mean, however, abandoning all sense of taste.  Just the opposite is true; if you are looking to add more healthful content to your food, HUGE flavor ingredients are the answer. ... read more